Kevin (majello262) wrote,

And, of course, so are you.

I just went off on a pretty long tangent in my head, and I'm going to see if i can re-trace my way through it.

It began with music. I was thinking about how my taste in music is determined. I think it's a certain genuineness I look for, more than likely through certain vibrations. Something that creates a connection that allows me to understand what it is. In my opinion, thats pretty fucking powerful. Unleashing your conciousness through music knowing that it's going to affect others...but I digress. The point is, by listening to music, we're pretty much searching for more conciousness. When we're excited to hear music by our favorite bands, it's basically the same as looking forward to hearing from an old friend. We're exicted for the connection, the relation to another. All we're really ever doing is trying to relate, if you think about it, whether it be through books, movies, games, music, drugs, clothes, hobbies, pain, cars, and so forth. Trying to make connections. And perhaps that's why the people we're connected through blood are called 'relatives.' An established term used to convey universal familial figures. Your aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc. You're all connected, and they all have their own connections and as far back as you can go, eventually we must all be connected. Pure being. And conciousness has re-asserted itself once again. Hah.

And it's funny, because a little bit into that, i lost track of my thoughts, actually started retracing my thoughts again, went off on a slightly different tangent and still ended up where I am. I am. goodnight
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